The heart of functionality and flexibility

Professional software engineering is one of the decisive factors for success in the product engineering process, particularly within the area of systems and software development. Through setting these standards for ourselves and based on our customers’ requirements, we are developing complete product solutions.

As we understand it, continuous software engineering is made up of various different core areas. Alongside the design and ‘pure’ software programming, thorough analysis of the requirements, sound planning and the associated verification as well as downstream validation, and, of course, final documentation are all required.

To be more explicit, this equates to the consistent application and implementation of requirements management, systems analysis, software architecture and design, and verification in the form of module and systems tests. In addition, our software engineering is supported through methodical risk, quality and configuration management (version administration, release management).

The whole procedure usually takes place according to the classic V-model accompanied by the implementation of agile methods and an organization-wide improvement of our development processes in accordance with CMMI.